How to Choose a Career Path: What to Do When You’re not Knowing What Career to Pursue

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Embarking on a new career path can be a challenging journey, especially when the question of what you truly want looms over your decision to choose a career path.

The feeling of being stuck, unable to take action due to uncertainty, is not uncommon.

Often, the root cause lies in the fear of making the wrong choice.

But how can you break free from this cycle and take meaningful steps toward a more fulfilling career?

How to Take Action When “Not Knowing What Career to Pursue” Hits

First and foremost, it’s a fair question to ask “what can I do when I don’t know what I want in my career?”. As a coach, I’ve heard clients asking that question.

However, they actually had an idea of what they want or dreams they really wanted to follow. But sometimes, their fears and doubts got in the way and made it hard for them to pursue those dreams. This internal conflict masqueraded as a lack of clarity, leading to the belief that “I don’t know what I want.” There is no person with abolutely no interests or dreams.

When you feel lost and not sure how to choose a career path, it’s vital to know that your inner conflicts might seem like you can’t make decisions. And if that’s the case then you need to approach this differently.

Confronting Fears and Doubts

Instead of ignoring your desires, take a closer look at the fears and doubts that might be stopping you:

  • What specific fears or doubts do you think might be hindering you from pursuing your career aspirations?
  • When you think about your career, do you feel a sense of indecision? If so, what does it look like?
  • Can you recall a time when you made a decision that aligned with your desires despite inner conflicts? What allowed you to overcome them?

Feel free to answer these questions in your journal or discuss them with your coach to gain deeper insights into what may be holding you back. When you allow yourself to unwind, it opens up a space for your intuition to flourish.

Because as mentioned before, deep within, you often hold a sense of your genuine desires. By tapping into your intuition, you unlock access to new ideas and insights that may be beneath the surface.

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