From Multipassionte Confusion to Career Clarity

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Starting a journey towards career clarity is something many people go through when they’re not happy with their current jobs and feeling unsure about what to do next.

We’ll explore why individuals find themselves in this confusing situation and discuss ways to overcome these challenges. If you hate your job but are uncertain about your next steps, there can be three common reasons.

Three Reasons Behind Job Dissatisfaction

#1 Burnout and Boundary Struggles:

Feeling burnt out may indicate struggles with setting boundaries. Giving yourself space to reconnect with your desires can help you figure out what you truly want.

#2 Knowing What You Want but Feeling Stuck:

If you know what you want but feel hestitation to go after your goals, your imposter syndrome might keep you stuck.

#3 Too many Ideas but Not Taking Action:

You’re feeling overwhelmed by numerous ideas, leading to overthinking and analysis paralysis.

Are you struggling to decide among many ideas, getting caught in choice or analysis paralysis and not taking action?

If number #3 resonates with you, you’re not alone in this struggle.

Overcoming the Common Beliefs that Contribute to Feeling Stuck

Three common beliefs often contribute to feeling stuck:

  1. The Singular Purpose Myth: Release the notion that your purpose must be a singular thing. Being on a contant search for the real thing makes you feel anxious and stressed out.
  2. The Fear of Choosing: You can have it all! Break free from the belief that you must make impossible choices between your interests and then ending up making no choice at all.
  3. The Value Dilemma: Recognize your value. You don’t need to be an expert in a specific field to be successful.

For those constantly pulled in different directions due to an abundance of ideas, the underlying issue may be a lack of deeper understanding of who you are, your zone of genius, and your “why” or purpose.

Overthinking and analysis paralysis can be overcome by actually gaining clarity on your purpose.

A common challenge for those multipassionate people is the perception that their ideas seem disjointed and messy. However, the key lies in recognizing that these varied pursuits are different expressions of your overarching purpose or “why.”

To find your purpose, shift your perspective. Instead of starting with what you’re good at, focus on the problems you want to solve. This approach provides a profound sense of purpose, allowing you to use your diverse skills and passions in a unique way.

Journaling Questions to Shift Your Perspective and Explore Your Purpose

Here are some journaling questions to help you shift your perspective and explore your purpose:

  • If you could make a positive impact on one aspect of the world, what would it be?
  • What challenges or obstacles have you personally overcome that you could help others navigate?
  • Consider the people you admire. What problems are they addressing, and how are they contributing to positive change?
  • What unique combination of skills, talents, and passions do you possess that could be applied to solving problems?
  • How do you envision a world where the problems you want to solve have been addressed?

Navigating numerous ideas can be overwhelming without a structured space to do so. Establishing a step-by-step approach, with accountability to follow through on each action, becomes essential.

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