Breaking Free from Realistic Career Goals

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For many years, the idea of setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals has been the gold standard of goal-setting.

We’re told that we must set realistic goals to keep away from frustration and failure.

Yet, I disagree with the concept of “realistic goals” because I have set and attained many goals in my life that seemed unattainable.

The Limitations of Realistic Goals

Consider the goal of running a marathon. It’s an achievable goal for for a trained person.

But running a marathon could seem like an unattainable goal for someone who has never run before or who has bodily regulations.

Or someone aims for a leadership position. It’s an attainable goal for someone who possesses the necessary skills and experience. It might seem like an unattainable goal for someone who is just entering the workforce.

Depending on the situation and abilties of the individual, the same goal may be attainable or unrealistic. It’s crucial to understand that the key to our success and personal improvement is setting goals that are difficult yet attainable for us.

Realistic goals possibly result in a lack of desire and settling for less than we are capable of. When we set a goal, we are limited by our available skills, information, and resources. Even said, having unrealistic goals can motivate us to go outside our comfort zones and get hold of new talents.

There’s No Such Thing As An Unrealistic Goal – Just Unrealistic Time Frames

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The Problem with Unrealistic Timeframes

Suppose I decide that my goal, within six months of starting my entrepreneurial venture, is to generate a specific revenue or profit that, however, is quite substantial for the given timeframe.

I might succeed as an entrepreneur if I give myself more time and put more effort into it. It’s often unrealistic deadlines for task completion that lead to frustration and giving up, not the goal itself.

In conclusion, while setting realistic goals may be useful for some individuals, it’s not the only path to success. Setting challenging goals on the other hand that are in line with our beliefs and purposes might inspire us to move beyond our comfort zones and realize our full potential.

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